After a seven year career in the cycling industry I decided to make a life and career change in early 2017. Realising that some of my favourite experiences came from different forms of creative education and problem solving, I spent two months working through online code tutorials and challenges, very quickly I became fascinated with programming and sought to further my knowledge on the subject. I chose to use General Assembly’s web development immersive course as a stepping stone into the world of tech, from there I aim to utilise my management experience and the skills acquired at General Assembly to keep growing and expanding my knowledge on coding. I’m open to opportunities that will enable me to continue learning and begin pursuing a full time career in the tech industry within a supportive and challenging team environment.

I am currently working as a freelance developer for Graphere Digital Consultancy, however I am open to new and exciting opportunities so please do get in touch any time.

You can contact me using the contact form on my home page.

If you're interested, I like cycling, zombies, pizza and sci-fi.